Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Bettens

K's Choice lead singer Sarah Bettens has been doing it on her own since 2003 when the Belgium-based band, started by Sarah and brother Gert, decided to temporarily split (they're returning with an album this spring, according to their Web site). I stumbled upon her video for the song "Stay" and immediately became transfixed by her voice (the charming animated video didn't hurt either).

Eager to learn more about her, I took her 2007 album "Shine" for a spin and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of guilt-free ear candy. Sarah's trademark raspy vocals evoke hints of what Tegan and Sara would sound like if they sang Shawn Colvin's catalog. Sarah's familiar style is anything but tired, however--there's something comforting about listening to this seasoned 37-year-old woman ruminate on love and life.

Perhaps it's her innate ear for melodies or producer Brad Wood's smart interpretations of her songs. Either way, I found myself feeling remarkably energized as I stood over the stove at 11:30 last night and threw together a pot of tomato sauce. The aroma of garlic, onion and basil with the sweet sounds of Sarah wafting from the other room...can't ask for a better weeknight.

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