Thursday, February 11, 2010

Edie Carey

Vermont born singer-songwriter Edie Carey didn't always have her sights set on music. It all changed during her freshman year at Barnard College when she spent her evenings listening to Jeff Buckley, Ani DiFranco and Lisa Loeb play in The Postcrypt Coffeehouse. Then, during a year spent studying abroad in Italy she taught herself how to play the guitar and spent her spare time performing in the street. Just that small taste of being a musician gave Edie the push she needed to pursue a career in music.

Her first album, The Falling Places, was a subdued acoustic offering. Three albums later and she's found a comfortable ground between simplicity and production--the songs that comprise her 2006 record Another Kind of Fire are propelled by her earnest singing and heartfelt songwriting.

Edie returns to the jam-packed Cayamo Cruise for a second time in a matter of weeks, but before she departs for sea she'll be in St. Pete on Feb. 19 at the Craftsman House Gallery.

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