Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mouse Fire

Lakeland, Fla. based Mouse Fire had it all going on with their 2007 Lujo Records debut Wooden Teeth. Critics poured superlatives over them like a chunky oatmeal bath. Their strong sense of self as a band was applauded. They were the local band to watch. And then their front man decided he wanted out.

Instead of curling up in paralysis, the three remaining members forged ahead with conviction. They toured relentlessly--opening for, among others, Margot and The Nuclear So and So's, Colour Revolt, win win Winter, Matt Pond PA and Inkwell in just a few short years. Now's their time to shine as a refined trio--their sophomore album hits shelves this May and they're currently touring the country to support its release.

The biggest difference that immediately strikes me through the headphones is current front man Shane Schuch's buoyant vocals in comparison to Joey Bruce's hushed, velvety tone. It's almost as if a plug has been tucked into a socket. That's not to discredit Bruce's contributions to the band, but Schuch brings such vivid life to the new batch of songs. "Hungry Like A Teen Wolf" has one of those jangly tambourine synth-beats that is begging to be heard in a crowd of drunken fans.

In fact, most of these dance floor-ready songs posses that intrinsic quality of being aided by a live performance. Check out for yourself when Mouse Fire storms through New World Brewery in Ybor on March 6.

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