Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chris Thile

I’ve been introduced to several great artists thanks to Paste Magazine through the years, but none have I followed to the extent of Nickel Creek front man Chris Thile.

In the three years since I swiped the 26th issue’s music sampler from my uncle’s subscription, I’ve enjoyed expanding my collection of Chris’ impressive catalogue. In addition to the brilliant musicianship and air-tight harmonies of Grammy-winning trio Nickel Creek, Chris’ captivating endeavor with The Punch Brothers received multiple listens during my spring break this year.

But it’s his most recent "solo" album, 2006’s “How to Grow A Woman From the Ground,” with the How to Grow A Band that still tugs at my heart strings the most. Amid riveting interpretations of popular singles from The White Stripes and The Strokes, this gorgeous ballad gently tells the story of Chris’ struggle to accept the collapse of his marriage at age 23. The fragility of his voice breaks way into this desperate moan during the bridge that absolutely kills me every time.

And for Radiohead fans check out this absolutely brilliant cover of "Morning Bell."

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