Thursday, November 26, 2009

(Not so) Little Voice

I just realized I bought Sara Bareilles' debut on Epic Records two years ago today. I had only heard one song from the San Diego songstress, but it was enough for me to pick up her album on the way home from work. Her voice hit me immediately--the way she swoops and soars with such mellifluous ease is truly captivating.

It's somewhat appropriate that I update this on Thanksgiving because I see Little Voice as a pop record cooked in a sultry oven for five hours and basted with soul. It's got a fair amount of gloss to it, but the songs are able to survive the heavy handedness that comes with overproduction. "Come Round Soon" was an immediate favorite--as was the beautifully written"Between the Lines." But it wasn't until the stunning closer, "Gravity," that the breadth of Sara's talent peaked its head from behind the wall of sound.

And that's what I'm ending this with for tonight. A low-key performance that I remember watching repeatedly upon finding it. This will have to hold me over until her next album, due in early 2010.

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