Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hajimemashte! Making this has been in the back of my mind for about six months now. A summer of lazy (i.e jobless) days and long nights (i.e Dexter marathons) drained all of my ambition to get this blog off the ground. However, with the start of my senior year at the University of South Florida I decided to get my hands dirty in a mud bath of musical goodness.

I should introduce myself- my name is Matt Spencer. I am 22 years old and currently studying magazine journalism at USF's School of Mass Communications in Tampa, FL.

Music has always been an integral part of my life- from The Wizard of Oz to Les Miserables, I grew up surrounding myself with anything that allowed me to escape. I spent most of my childhood in community theater, but eventually gave that up. I started learning guitar in high school and to this day I consider myself only mediocre. Practicing was never my forte.

And then came college. I spent most of it commuting from my home in Spring Hill and it was during those commutes that I was able to spend two uninterrupted hours with the music of my choice. Sometimes I'd spend a week on one album, sometimes it would change every day. Whatever my mood, I had a go-to album for it.

My fondest memory was during my freshman year in 2005. With a rigorous coarse load including English Composition 1 and University Experience, I spent what "little" spare time I had making anonymous compilations of my obsession at the time- Jason Mraz. I would spend hours burning patch work collections of my favorite live (and legal) Mraz tracks I had swiped from (more on that in future posts).

Once I packaged them and scribbled a brief blurb of enticement in Sharpie on the outside, the joy bombs were dropped around campus for lucky students to find. I did this twice a week for several months before my funds, and time, ran out. I have no idea what became of them or who picked them up. All I hope is they passed them on, and continue to share them with their friends.

I guess that's my hope for this blog, as well. There will be many, many artists featured here. You may like some and be indifferent toward others, but at the very least I hope you pass it on to your friends.


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Ross Avila said...

Yay! I want some music regurgitated. Chewed well, please.